May 30, 2010

James the Irreverent

"Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense." - Mark Twain

James Delingpole and I approach the climate change debate differently. In some ways I'm a stereotypical Canadian. I'm moderate and respectful. I try not to dismiss views with which I disagree, but to understand them. I prefer to think in terms of an evolving conversation - not a war.

James, a Brit, has a style unlike mine. After meeting him in Chicago at's recent climate skeptics' conference, I think of him as a prize-fighter in the ring - alert, energetic, eager for the match to resume. He doesn't hesitate to give the nastiest of global warming activists a taste of their own derisive, ad hominem medicine.

I took a series of photographs of James in Chicago. Some of them appear here. Two have been turned into iPhone/iPod Touch backgrounds.

In a world in which so many green campaigners scowl and scold, Delingpole insists on being joyous.

I think happiness & liberty are things that are really worth fighting for sound bite